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Welcome to your source for the best resources for homeschooling! - Rare antique books!!!

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"Some people are concerned that antique books will provide outdated information. Consider this: Only 2% of recorded history has occurred since 1911! It would be difficult to exhaust the core knowledge found in older books, no matter what the subject. I've found that older books cover the most important topics and ideas more thoroughly and clearly.

To be classified as an antique, an item should be at least fifty years old. . . . I prefer books with a copyright date from around 1860 to 1930, although newer books with copyright dates into the late 40s can also be delightful. Some books published in the 50s might be acceptable-but not Dick and Jane sight readers. Not all books published between these optimal dates are worth buying but they are generally far superior to what you would find today."

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 We are so pleased with all of our books, they are so well written and encourage learning. They have true educational value!
 The books arrived today in great shape, Thank you so much. I love them. Deborah, NV


 I love them.Thanks for the terrific customer service! You've spoiled me with your prompt service & thorough communication! Deb, WA
 Am very pleased, not only with them, but the service I have received. You definitely have my business. Suzi WV
 Thank you so much for the provision of good books on your website. I appreciate them so! There is no substitute for reading and how better than with excellent reading material provided by wonderful people! Thank you again! ...Kristie, IL
 These are books that I really would like to have and think they have such great historical value to us as a homeschoolingfamily. Thank you so much. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your kindness to me. Debbie, KS

God's Gardener
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God's Gardener
402 Wausa Rd
Boelus NE 68820


Exceptional! Books are Hardback unless noted otherwise and most are pre-1950.


FN Fine. Nearly new.

NF Near Fine. As above - book closes and cover does not.

VG Very good. Clean, tight, showing wear, but not damaged.

G Good. Possible defects: hinge cracking, spine fading, looser than new; nothing major.

FA Fair. Possible defects: wear, soiling, scuffing, repairs, shaken, perhaps a page torn.

P Poor. Unless stated, complete in contents. Sometimes called reading copy.

DJ With dust jacket

Xlib From a library. Possible markings, card pockets, etc.

PUO Charlotte Mason Parent's Union Online

CE Classical Education: 1000 Good or 100 Great Books Lists

RC or ROBINSON Curriculum author, book, or recommendation of Dr. Robinson, but not necessarily on CD's. 


Lorraine, I must tell you that the books are so wonderful that I got from you. My son has almost gotten halfway through the Science book. My mother sent me two books for my birthday she got from you and they are also wonderful! You perform a great service! Thank you! Kathy, CO

Thank you for being so prompt. I love everything and only wish I had known of you earlier. In January, I spent $80.00 on a pre-algebra book for my son. To my distress, I saw a few books that you have for far less and are probably superior. Well, now I know and I WON"T be making that mistake again. .I can't say enough good things about what I've seen so far. Susan, TN

Yesterday I read some of the Bits of Biography to Adam and Justin. We read about Hellen Keller. She went to collage and studied algebra, geometry, physics, history, literature, philosophy, English, French, German, Latin, and Greek. She read the Bible through and said she loves it as she loves no other book. They also talked about what a difficult life she had in her childhood, bursts of passion, (crying, kicking, screaming.) Then is goes on to say, Dear Reader, does it occur to you as you read this that you should be very thankful for your sight and hearing? All three of us thanked the Lord, right then, for our sight and hearing! You would not find that in a public school text book! The vintage books are Exceptional! Thanks so much Lorraine for providing them for us and other homeschoolers. We are so pleased with all of our books, they are so well written and encourage learning. They have true educational value!

 Just wanted to say thanks for the books! I got them today in good order. They will make a nice addition to our homeschool library. I hope we can do business again some day. Laurie, VA

Thanks for your great service. I'm enjoying the Delphian course immensely. I've read all my Gene Stratton-Porter books, and am looking for more. Keep up the good work, your check will be mailed today. Lorraine IA

I received my books yesterday. I find myself failing on one of the commandments - #10 - Thou shall not covet (other peoples books ;-D) But in this case I feel like I failed on #8 - Thou shall not steal. The books are *wonderful*. I feel like I did not pay enough for such treasures. With some who have been selling and auctioning books, I know they are doing it strictly for profit. With you, it is apparent that it is a true ministry and I am very blessed. Maryalice, PA

The book was exactly as you described, and arrived very quickly. Thank you again. I hope we will be able to do business again. Ann, CA

I had the MOST wonderful time, sitting on the couch with my pile of books beside me and thoroughly enjoyed 'leafing through' each and every one of them. They are just wonderful. Ann, NC

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