A few Easy Homeschooling testimonials...

"I guess my excitement stems from the many books I've read and gotten nowhere with. . . . something about the way yours is written. Your book spoke to me in a way that none of the others have. It's so easy to follow and all the symbols you put in there to mark what goes in a notebook and so on were very helpful." - Dee, FL

"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading what you have written. Your books are so practical and 'to-the-point.' I appreciate the detail of your writing as I tend to be a reader who wants "just the facts" and know that so many times, home educators do not have an over abundance of time for reading."  - Teresa Jennings Robinson

"Good work, Lorraine. it filled in many of the gaps that I had, and provoked me to re-examine some things. thanks, and God bless.... more of the same fine caliber I have come to expect, well-put and logically thought-out - good job!!" - Bless you, Trece Wyman

"I used to recommend Gayle Graham's "How to Homeschool" as THE homeschool book to purchase first or if you could only have one. I will now move that down a notch and recommend "Easy Homeschooling Techniques" as THAT book. I have always felt the Lord's lead to design our own curriculum (I've had "How to Create a Low-Cost/No-Cost Curriculum" and ALL the Design-A-Study books for years) but have never been able to "put it all together" with a plan...so I kept searching for THE curriculum for us. I knew there wouldn't be a "perfect" program but I figured the changes should be minor to warrant the continued use/purchase of said program. But the changes were always wholesale so we dropped it. Now, after reading your book, I can SEE an "overall" plan for our homeschool as God has been leading! Even in your book there are things we probably won't focus on, but I have gained SO much from your overall planbased on your goals for your family that I can see how we can refine and define what we want to do to have our homeschool look like what my husband and I always envisioned. I took your advice and didn't buy any ("more" in my case :-) curriculum until I finished your book. I did finally buy a used version of a program I believe with minor modification will help us reach our goals. But unlike before, when I made this purchase, I have a MUCH better idea of what types of materials will help us reach our goals...because I have my goals written down! I LOVE your idea of checklists and have begun using this listing technique all through our home and lives.~ In short, I have THOUROUGHLY enjoyed and learned SO much from reading your book." - Christine

"I love reading your book. Very informative and it is one of the best among many I purchased about homeschooling." - Z. Solt, NH

"Bite-size, manageable chapters bursting with information.... something for everyone." - Shari Henry, author of Homeschooling: The Middle Years

"Lorraine Curry, author of Easy Homeschooling Techniques and now Easy Homeschooling Companion, has been a home educator since 1989. Lorraine's books are packed with tips and ideas to help any home school grow in character, grace and high standards. Many nuggets can be found throughout this newest book, including brief sections written by such greats as Virginia Knowles and Cindy Rushton. Particularly of interest are the resource helps, grammar and language arts teaching tips (including poetry) and planning strategies. A devotional and homeschool 'how-to' book rolled into one, home-educating parents can't go wrong by having this on hand as an academic instruction/planning reference. I like how Lorraine inspires the love of literature in both parents and children. No dumbing down educational methodologies here. Recommended as a curricular resource tool for any library."
- Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"Lorraine Curry has provided her readers with a potpourri of scripturally-based homeschooling advice, exhortation and encouragement. Mrs. Curry's style is loose and free-flowing, yet organized. With scriptures, quotes and poetry sprinkled throughout the text, the reader doesn't get bogged down in tedious prose. There are so many nuggets of gold in this book that I advise reading it with a highlighter and also with a notebook and pen in hand. If your philosophy differs in some respect from hers, gently pass over those areas and go on to harvest many wonderful ideas which will enrich your life and your homeschool." - Mary Lou Posch, homeschooling mother of five and wife of Robert Posch, senior VP of BOOKSPAN